Peer-To-Peer Roundtables

Peer-To-Peer Roundtables

Meeting Facilitator, David Kiviaho
Expert in Small Business

Roundtables bring business leaders together to learn innovative business concepts and to share experiences. Leaders will join at least eight businesses for 10 months to collaborate in a confidential environmental with the guidance of an experienced facilitator. To attend this training, you must be certified in the Small and Emerging Business Development Program through the Louisiana Economic Development Department, and you must commit to attending 10 sessions. To sign-up, contact the City of Alexandria at 318-449-5028

Location: Alexandria Business Development Center

1501 Wimbledon Drive, Alexandria, LA 71301
(Former Central Louisiana Business Incubator)

Time: 8:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
Fee: $100 for all 10 session ($10 per session)

To sign-up call 318-449-5028 or click to email

Make checks payable to City of Alexandria
Mailing Address: City of Alexandria
Attention: Richard Johnson
915 Third Street, Alexandria, Louisiana 71301


1. Role of the Owner
August 25 - Postponed Due to Hurricane Laura

Topical areas will include: challenges that are stalling you, business owner's role, tools to help you, managing managers, letting go and delegating, time management, leading the organization, and using professional services when needed.

2. Customer Service
September 22

Topical areas will include: internal and external customers, customer retention, answering phones, and example of great customer service.

3. Sales
October 27

Topical areas will include:contracts, intellectual property, compliance issues, license agreements, workers comp, forms of ownership, and types of insurances.

4. Finance and Accounting
November 17

Topical areas will include: how to hire and pay sales people, developing new markets while serving existing ones, finding the right customers, setting meaningful sales goals, customer service, and sales as a system not an event.

5. Human Resources and Employee Relations
January 26

Topical areas will include: staff meetings, HR manuals, pay, work environment, working with millennials, training, employee pipeline, and employee communication/accountability.

6. Legal and Insurance
February 23

Topical areas will include: running a business by the numbers, taxes, payroll tax, accounting, industry comparison, pricing, business valuation buying and selling, cash-flow, and exit strategy.

7. Marketing, Branding, & Advertising
March 23

Topical areas will include: social media, advertising, marketing, marketing budgets, and how to measure return on investment (ROI) in marketing.

8. Technology
April 27

Topical areas will include: software to run your company, cloud computing, security, disruptions to your industry, disaster planning, technology updates and trends.

9. Managing Operations and Innovations
May 25

Topical areas will include: staying on budget, being efficient, best practices of high-performing companies, creating clear objectives, identifying problems, keeping up with industry changes, process improvement, and driving change.

10. Finance and Banking
June 22

Topical areas will include: loans and structure, loan programs, peer-to-peer lending, other sources of capital, how to make bankers happy, bank products, and venture capital.