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Downtown Security

Mayor Jeffrey Hall has implemented a plan through the Alexandria Police Department to increase security in the downtown area. The new security detail is the Harbor Patrol currently consisting of two full-time officers with patrol vehicles as well as a golf cart along with contract security as needed.

Mission of the Harbor Police

The goal of the Harbor Patrol, as downtown continues to undergo a revitalization as well as prepare for an influx of people when the new Central Louisiana Community and Technical College opens downtown this fall, is to create a safer environment for students, residents and existing businesses while encouraging economic growth.

  • Assist in achieving the goals of Mayor Hall for the safety of the community by encouraging the economic development of the downtown area  
  • Conduct high visibility patrols on foot, motorized vehicle, bicycle and traditional patrol car
  • Enforce existing state laws and city ordinances
  • Improve existing partnerships with business owners, workers and visitors
  • Improve the community by partnering  with the Homeless Coalition in assessing the needs in our community
  • Conduct crime prevention assessments for business owners, potential tenants, etc.
  • Ensure safety and security for downtown visitors, businesses, CLTCC, parking and traffic flow issues
  • Increase trust between the homeless population and law enforcement officers to improve quality of life for all

Focus Zone

The patrol is focused in downtown with  an emphasis on a 41 square-block area around the Red River, Murray Street, Third and Fourth streets as well as Foisy, Elliott and St. James streets.

These are the areas with the highest concentration of retail, education, medical and government buildings.

The Harbor Patrol will expand as downtown vehicle and pedestrian traffic grows. This month a police substation is being established at City Hall. In August 2019, as the new college opens three crime view cameras will be installed in the downtown riverfront area to increase crime detection capabilities. In September, Harbor Patrol will expand to four full-time officers providing security seven days a week. In March 2020 the patrol will then expand to six full-time officers.

The Harbor Patrol will not only enforce the laws, officers will improve partnerships with business owners, workers and visitors as well as work with the Homeless Coalition and the homeless population, assess traffic and security issues and improve the quality of life for all in our downtown alexandria area.


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